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2 year Leeds Arts University Student Molly Cowell joins 'The Bay' for ITV as Directors PA

Molly Cowell has started her first ever full freelance contract while still at University, a tough ask but the timing couldn’t have been better, just as Molly ended her 2nd year at University she found herself shortlisted for the role of Directors PA on the new series of ‘The Bay’ for ITV.

Molly applied via the Film Buddy newsletter announcement and within a few days she was on set supporting the Director.

We wait to hear from Molly about her time working. We will keep you posted.

Chronicle Live Article

Simon Duke Showbiz editor.

The Bay returned to ITV in a big way last month as millions tuned in for the return of the popular crime drama and, over the last few weeks, it’s given fans plenty of twists and turns.

After having to wait two years between series 1 and 2, viewers didn’t have anywhere near as long for series 3 to debut, with one big change – a different lead actress.

Between 2019 and 2021, The Bay cast was led by Morven Christie as DS Lisa Armstrong, the cop who was cast out by her superiors after being personally caught up in the disappearance of two local teenagers.

On the night that the twin siblings disappeared she slept with their step father, putting her right in the middle of the case she was meant to be investigating.

After being condemned to the career doldrums, Lisa was given a reprieve and called back into the line of duty in The Bay series 2 after mystery surrounding the doorstep death of a well known businessman.

However, as series 3 started with the grim discovery of a dead body at sea by two swimmers, it wasn’t Morven’s on screen alias at the centre of the crime action but new character DS Jenn Townsend, played by Marsha Thomason.

How many episodes of The Bay series 3 are there?

There are SIX episodes in The Bay series 3, with each new one going out at 9pm on ITV every Wednesday.

However, just like series 2, all of them were made available to binge watch on ITV Hub, meaning that by the time of this week’s series finale many fans have long since watched them all.