Film Buddy was created in 2015 to bridge the gap between education and industry.

Working with the UK’s leading education establishments, Film Buddy has built a streamlined and effective way of providing valuable opportunities for aspiring film makers.

Collaborating with some of the largest production companies in the world, Film Buddy has successfully provided work experience and employment opportunities on some of the most prestigous Film, Television and Creative Media projects.

We have encouraged industry to recognise the need to nurture new talent, supported education to increase employability, and listened to students to improve our services.

In 2020 Film Buddy launched new online streaming services to provide a consistent and valuable resource to education and industry to prepare them for the future.

Film Buddy is collaborating with the BFI to improve diversity and inclusivity across the Film, TV and Creative Media industries.

We feel strongly that the creative industries should be represented by a much more diverse work force, whether that’s on screen talent or technical and creative crew.
Film Buddy is looking into new ways to develop better access points to industry which will encourage and promote a modern workforce.
If you would like to reach out to us or would like to know more about what Film Buddy is doing, please contact us.

Previous Placement Providers

A unique resource for students studying in Further or Higher Education.

Film Buddy provides a range of online services including:


  • Online Q&A’s

  • FB-1 TV

  • 1-on-1 Mentoring

  • Work experience placements and employment opportunities

We are working hard to support students, filmmakers and education establishments by creating and developing a range of new and exciting online services designed to educate and entertain.

We strongly believe that placement activity is a vital part of student development and Film Buddy is an established and consistent supplier of valuable and worthwhile work experience opportunities. Working with some of the largest, Regional, National and International production companies.

In 2020. Film Buddy successfully established a series of online practical placement activities to support students during the Covid-19 outbreak. We hope this will establish online activities as a valuable part of education in the future which will work alongside the on set practical experiences we already offer.

We are currently using Microsoft Teams for our online services to ensure we remain GDPR compliant.  For more information please visit here.

Providing industry with new and emerging talent.

Film Buddy supports the Film, TV & Creative Media industries to nurture the next generation of diverse talent.

We offer a streamlined and professional service for recruitment into entry level positions and work experience placements.

Having completed our professional mentoring service, Film Buddy will ensure that all applicants are prepared for placement and employment, focussing on their career choices, and commitment to industry.

Work in the Film and TV industry?

Do you have knowledge to pass on?

If you are a professional working in the creative industries it would be great to hear from you! We are currently expanding our database of hosts for up-and-coming PRO-FILM and CREATIVE MEDIA sessions, and for work placement providers.  For more information please contact us.

To find out more please contact us: