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Online Placement

Assistant Director Online Scheduling

By January 28th, 2022No Comments

The Online Placement.


Take on the challenge of scheduling.

This online placement allows you to practice the art of scheduling. Create your own shooting schedule while being mentored by professional Film and TV Assistant Directors.

Placement details.

  • Receive a 30mins script sent to you by Film Buddy.

  • Breakdown the script into scenes, highlighting, Ext or Int, Day or Night, Page Count, Cast, Supporting Cast, Props, Action Vehicles, SFX, VFX and any other relevant notes.

  • Work out how many shooting days required, 6 day weeks, 5 day weeks? Working hours?

  • Start to put scenes into order thinking about the most efficient way of scheduling.

  • You will be mentored through this process by a professional Assistant Director.

  • To help create a real working environment things may change as you develop your brief.

Duration: Flexible planning time.

Please email Film Buddy at with your request to take up the placement.