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Live Q&A with DOP and Camera Operator Nick Cox – Thursday 17th February 2022

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Thursday 17th February 2022 @ 7pm

Please visit your Members Area to join the Q&A.

After graduating from University, where I studied Television Production, my background began in documentary and pop promos, before I crossed over into Film & Television. Since then I have worked frequently in all of these areas.

Along the way, I have worked in every position within the camera department. This was a conscious decision on my part, as I felt that this would be the best way to evolve when shooting my own work.

If you were to give seven directors the same script, you would get seven ultimately very different films. This is how I feel about Operating and Cinematography.  I wanted to observe from the DP’s that I had worked with over the years and learn from each and every one of them, in order to find a voice when it came to my own style.

My career started on film and sadly as its use has declined over recent years, it has transcended onto the numerous other digital formats out there, of which I am familiar with all.

It is a path that I’ve pursued since childhood and one that has taken me all over, meeting fascinating people, working in a collaborative manner to achieve that end goal.  I consider myself very lucky to be getting paid for a job that I love to do.