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Founder of Attik Design, KnownUnknown and former VP of Global Design Coca Cola, James Sommerville.

Thursday 7th December 2023 at 7pm GMT.

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Street Artist + Founder of “ATTIK”;

Started an agency age 19 with no business experience.

Key highlights;

  • Studied Graphic Design / Typography at Batley Art School, UK,1982-1986.

  • James was unemployed / ‘chalking’ on the streets in UK cities.

  • He was co Founder of ATTIK Design agency.

  • All the high-street banks refused to provide a financial loan.

  • £2,000 seed funding from The Trust, founded by HRH Prince Charles.

  • He launched a design agency from the attic bedroom of his grandmother’s house.

  • Over 25 years ATTIK grew to have offices in Leeds, London, New York, San Francisco,

    Los Angeles and Sydney and over 250 staff.

  • Sold ATTIK to Dentsu Network, 2007.

  • Was Senior VP Design with Dentsu, until 2013.

“James has become a Virtuous Circle.”

— HRH Prince Charles



VP Global Design, The Coca-Cola Company;

Championed a human-centered agile approach to design, reporting to CMO.

Key highlights;

  • Transformed silo’d based functions to adopt collaborative design innovation labs.

  • Led Design Thinking capability sessions across TCCC global system.

  • Led Brand Design execution 40+ identities, including the company’s many $B dollar brands.

  • Re-engineered Brand Standards / Global Governance across to a digital platform.

  • Designed the 100 year celebration of Coke bottle 150+ markets, in 2015.

  • Designed Coca-Cola One Brand Strategy, implemented 200+ markets, in 2016.

  • Shot the global campaign for “Taste The Feeling”, executed in 200+ markets, from 2016-2021.

  • Streamlined agency roster creating system efficiencies and direct-to-talent model.

  • Designed global identity for “Beverages for Life” TCCC corporate identity (CEO strategy).

  • Led Design partnerships : Disney, Marvel, USO, Google, KITH, StarWars.


“Undoubtedly, I can openly say that James represents a

‘before and after’ in the history of The Coca-Cola Company.”

— Marcos De Quinto (former CMO), The Coca-Cola Company.