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Sarah Webster, known in industry as SarahEllBee is a British media makeup artist. Trained at Creative Ambition, Leeds university. Trained in fashion, theatrical, period and special effects makeup including prosthetics. Her favourite specialised subject is more period drama’s. Sarah started her training at the age of 29 due to a difficult upbringing and not having the opportunities before.

Basically I was a teenage parent and grew up in the Forster care system. I lived alone with my son age 15 and we grew up together. My education was put on a back burner as I had no support, and had to work any job I could get. I started university at creative ambition Leeds once my son was 17 after I finished college, as a mature student. I passed with honours and went straight onto a big budget Bollywood movie the same day as graduating.

I fell in love with the industry when I decided to work as an extra in the industry. I preferred to be in a more creative role behind the camera. My tutors supported me through PTSD, anxiety and depression, and really built me up brick by brick.

Sarah Webster joins us for an inspirational session on Sunday 30th October @ 7pm