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James Sommerville is an enormously experienced designer who, after founding his own design agency from a family member’s attic in the mid-80s, became Head of Global Design at Coca-Cola, and now runs consultancy Known Unknown.

At Coca-Cola, he introduced the concept of design thinking and brought legacy brand a spirit of entrepreneurship and agility. In his five years there, he felt more and more inspired by the idea of moving to creative communities as the future of creating content for brands, leading him to leave Coke and found Known Unknown, a networked platform connecting creatives around the world with brand challenges.

James will be speaking at the Future Focus event on September 16th, dialling in from Atlanta, Georgia where he lives now. Brought to life by the Creative Digital Industries (CDI), Future Focus will be a virtual one-day event marking the seventh year of the Visual Media Conference.

The event has speakers from the UK, US, Belgium, Germany, and Australia – and it will be promoted by graphics trade association Intergraf across its 20 European country members.

Free-to-attend, speakers will include Jonathan Geldart, Director General of the Institute of Directors; Lord Andrew Cooper of Populus; Mehjabeen Patrick, Chief Financial and Operations Officer for Creative England; and Sommerville, among others.

Robert McClements, President of the CDI, said: “The immediate response to Future Focus has been beyond our expectations. It’s clear we’ve tapped into a latent demand for constructive and positive informed opinion.