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Harvey Ascot is an Oscar nominated producer and executive producer for his own production company ‘Dog Eat Dog’. Harvey’s career began in Leeds working for prime studios and independent film production, he’s now firmly established in the advertising industry, producing commercials for some of the biggest brands in the world.

Dog Eat Dog is a production company based in London, Berlin and Los Angeles. We are a group of producers and directors with one purpose; to create excellent work. We have worked in the film business for many years and bring lots of experience to the table for agency, client and audiences alike. We care about creative, we fight hard on every project we are involved with to deliver the best. We are always pushing for better standards and expect the same from all those we work with. We are a producer led business, which means we find solutions to problems both creative and financial. We work across all areas of film making from commercials to film & TV, developing as well as financing in house.