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Libby Hobson talks, Film Buddy and her first job working on Hullraisers for Channel 4

Libby Francesca Hobson | Fashion Marketing Graduate from Leeds Beckett University | Costume Trainee

Film Buddy has been the best thing to happen to me whilst at Leeds Beckett. It wasn’t until my final months at university that I decided that I wanted to take action on wanting to become a Costume stylist. With my degree being in Fashion Marketing and before I was introduced to Film Buddy, I didn’t take much action on perusing my dream of becoming a costume stylist as I thought it would be difficult with my degree not really relating to costume or design.

Film Buddy made it possible for me to pursue my career in costume by helping me through every stage of the way from giving me all the information about costume and the film/tv industry to helping me create a suitable CV and send this out to contacts in the industry. The 1-1 mentoring allowed me to learn the different roles in the film/tv industry and how everything works behind scenes on set from how call sheets work to the essentials needed for the job.

I am forever grateful to Ben Sweet for being patient with me as we made an action plan on how I was going to make my first steps in this industry whilst I finished my final assignments for my degree. I really would not have known where to even start on how to make my first steps in to this industry and Film Buddy has made it so much easier and less stressful.

Through the contacts Ben gave to me, I am pleased to say that through all the help I secured a Costume Trainee role on Fable Entertainments new comedy Hullraisers. Again Film Buddy was the best helping me prepare for the interview and gave me some guidance on what to expect from the interview.

My first job in this industry was 8 weeks and was a good taster of what this industry is like. Whilst being a costume trainee on Hullraisers I gained experience with all aspects of costume. Everyday was different with costume which made the job even more exciting as you were trying something different everyday. The jobs included doing buying and returns, having an organised system for the receipts of the purchases and returns, organising and pulling stock for the designer, putting costumes onto the truck ready for filming and then de-rigging the costume truck after filming was finished. It is long hours in this industry which I did find hard getting to used to at first but quickly adapted to this new way and have enjoyed every minute of it. Alongside the work this industry has a great social side and all of the crew on Hullraisers have been lovely to work with, especially my little costume team who I would love to work with again!

I am very grateful to Rebecca Mitchel and Chloe Gross for giving me lots of experience on set with crowd, from helping choose the outfits and any changes needed for the story days, going to set with crowd and engage with continuity for the crowd, filling in crowd establishment sheets for future continuity reference. My experience on set was only with a small scale of crowd but this has given me experience and valuable knowledge for future jobs and what to expect when there may be a larger scale of crowd.

Overall, I wouldn’t be where I am now without Film Buddy and I am forever grateful for the help and support that I have received and still receive from Ben Sweet and Film Buddy. For anyone wondering about joining Film Buddy I would recommend 100% as you would never look back and will get all of the information and help needed to get started in this industry.